Cathy Mu: Master of the Year on Health Qi Gong, Abundance Teacher, & CPA

This is a hub website with a brief intro of Cathy Mu’s role as a Qi Gong Master and Abundance Teacher and her professional work as a CPA.

Cathy Mu is a highly respected Qi Gong Master, known as Master Mu, Awardee of "Master of the Year on Health Qi Gong" worldwide, and "Community Service Award with Excellence in Qi Gong". She has been helping so many people in the world heal from health issues and clear their Energy Flow of Money, including Feng Shui, to achieve optimal health and wealth. Master Mu's students in many countries in the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe, have received miraculous healing and transformation, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and even financially, in live classes, online courses, or remotely via Energy Healing Transmissions. 

Cathy Mu started her professional career with one of the biggest CPA firms in the USA, Deloitte, in August of 1993. After five years of wonderful and valuable experience working with the best and brightest in the industry at Deloitte, Cathy started her own CPA firm in November of 1998. She loves helping her clients minimize taxes and maximize wealth so they are put on the right track to achieve abundance and financial freedom and realize their dreams, while enjoying life with total peace of mind and security
With large firm expertise, small firm accessibility, and the highest integrity, Cathy has been able to generate great values for thousands of clients who have been so happy with her services that they have been referring her to their family members and friends with raving reviews. 

Many practitioners, students, and clients have shared how thrilled they were to have found a multi-talented teacher and advisor like Cathy with such balanced and integrated left brain and right brain, practicality and spirituality, intelligence and wisdom, competence and compassion, thorough knowledge of tax laws and comprehensive understanding of the Universal Principles of Abundance and Prosperity. 

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